How to Find Freelance Photography Jobs: Become Self Employed

Becoming self employed is pretty much an uphill battle, but it can definitely be worth the 

How to Find Freelance Photography Jobs

effort. Want to start working at an enjoyable, fulfilling, rewarding career? Learn how to find freelance photography jobs to make money and begin a whole new life – with a lot of hard work.

Want to become self employed in a career path that’s artistic, methodical and interesting? Learn how to find freelance photography jobs. Professionals with a lot of discipline and determination, an eye for art and a lot of drive to succeed can learn how to make money in this field…when they know how.

Knowing how to do the work (take pictures, develop film, etc.) is only the tip of the ice burg when it comes to becoming a self employed freelance photographer. Many other skills have to be mastered to make this career work.

Become Self Employed

Want to become self employed? Whether to career is freelance photography or in any other field, there are few basics skills that every independent contractors must learn how to master. Find out what it takes to make money and create a successful career:

  • Self employed marketing. The first step to making money as an independent contractor is marketing. Photographers should focus on their own local markets, avoiding long-distances jobs whenever possible. It’s a good idea to place an ad in local phonebooks, print business cards to pass out when meeting new people and always remember to promote photography skills to friends and family. For professionals who are just starting with a new career, it’s always good to focus on promoting to known associates first.
  • Creating opportunities. Take self employed marketing one step further by creating opportunities. When it’s hard to find freelance photography jobs, learn how to make them come on their own. Create a Web site displaying pictures, use social networking sites to promote from a different angle and never forget to market skills and services at every possible opportunity.


  • Freelance job boards. Use job boards to search for freelance jobs and opportunities. Some job boards, like Craiglist, offer local listings so professionals can seek out freelance gigs by city.
  • Know the market. Successful photographers know where and how to find work to make money. Want to find freelance photography jobs and opportunities? Know where to look for them! Photographers are often needed at weddings, for school portraits and for team pictures. Market specifically to individuals who might need services to increase the chances of finding work.